Tampa Metropolitan YMCA

CEO of the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA , Tom Looby, remarks on how M.E. Wilson’s stewardship in risk management and insurance helps their not-for-profit charity achieve the greatest value for their dollars.

Bank of Tampa

Financial institutions are subject to various exposures. Chief Administrative Officer for the Bank of Tampa, Rich Junkermann, shares how M.E. Wilson helped mitigate risks and protect the Bank of Tampa and its constituents.

DOW Electronics

DOW Electronics/Digital Reception Services, Inc. reduced their total incident rate by 75% resulting in a premium savings of over a half a million dollars, within just a one year time period working with M.E. Wilson.

The Crisis Center

The Crisis Center has played a vital role in the community for nearly 45 years, helping those in need in their most critical of times. Their service is based on a relationship of understanding; therefore, Clara Reynolds, CEO, values a partnership based on the same principle.

Goodwill Manasota

Being able to help Goodwill do more is a fantastic outcome. Since our involvement began in 2015, we have reduced premiums nearly 77%.