Number of years that a Property insurer has been supporting O/O

  • some have never paid a O/O claim, new to the system


“Aggregate” programs

  • Most will have an annual aggregated/combined limit for Earthquake/Flood
  • However, some also aggregate/combine Named Storm Wind (hurricane, tropical storms, etc.), Fires, Hail, and everyday Property Claims eating away at annual program limits available to those in the program.  2 hurricane occurrences, as an example, could quickly erode such insurance options.
  • Some also share risk/claims with numerous insurance companies/markets while some have only 1 insurance company/market


Terrorism (excluding Umbrella/Excess) is only included with a couple of options

  • Other options charge extra for base Terrorism causing some confusion when comparing options


Wind/Hail deductibles

  • Not just Named Storm Wind, but rather these high deductibles apply in some programs to all Wind/Hail


Food Spoilage limits of coverage

Off-Premise Service (loss of power) limits of coverage – Business Interruption section

Availability of Optional Coverage Offerings

And Much More

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