Mergers & Acquisitions

Whatever one does should be done thoroughly; that is, details are important whether you are a buyer or a seller, a legal representative, an auditor, a banker, or a deal advisor. We are professionals at discovering and evaluating those details. Then, we apply our expertise to assist you in minimizing risks and maximize the value of your target merger, acquisition, liquidation, public-to-private partnership, commercial loan, or structured finance transaction.

However, before we do anything, we get to know you and your company. We become an extension of your team, customizing our methods to match your needs.

Your M.E. Wilson M&A Team carefully qualifies and quantifies your proposed deal’s strengths, weaknesses, and risks, keeping your intended business results in mind.
We will be there for you at every step of the way, with services including:
• Due diligence for risk and insurance in mergers and acquisitions
• Due diligence for lenders
• Portfolio strategies for purchasing and cost-cutting
• Analytics and benchmarking
• Fund-level risk solutions for management and professional liability
• Coverage evaluation, appraisal, and placement
• Insurance structuring for stand-alone entities
• Insurance structuring for portfolios

Whether you are buying or selling, we specialize in resolving complex deal challenges and obstacles. Your M.E. Wilson M&A and Transaction Solutions professionals communicate and analyze data in real time to help you win more deals, reduce cost, and avoid losses.

Insuring Investments & Enhancing Returns
The M.E. Wilson M&A and Team advises clients by designing unique, value-added solutions to guarantee investments are safe while optimizing financial returns to support their plans, with an emphasis on decreasing uncertainty during complex transactions.

Who We Are?
Individual transactions are examined holistically by M.E. Wilson M&A’s Team, not merely through the prism of insurable risk. We can deliver a tailored solution that meets your objectives by knowing the enterprise-wide impact a transaction might have on a company.
We assist our clients in connecting the dots with all stakeholders as true business advisors. We recognize that each person has a different viewpoint on the transaction, whether it’s the CEO, a board member, a member of the executive team, or a consultant you’ve hired.

What We Do
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Risk Transfer
• Structured Financial Solutions
• Comprehensive Risk Analysis

Who We Serve?
We have the experience and ingenuity to deliver new solutions, whether you need help with your next purchase or advice on managing risk during a significant transaction. M.E. Wilson M&A and Transaction Solutions is here to help you, regardless of your industry, location, or specific needs.