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Bottom Line: The traditional insurance market has been designed to increase your dependency as a business owner.

Here are the key issues:

  • You aren’t rewarded when you perform well.

When you have a bad year, everyone can explain why your rates are going to go up. However, on a good year, are you receiving a share in the profits?

  • You’re paying more to play it safe.

The traditional insurance market often paints a picture that choosing any option other than being fully insured is irresponsibly risky. You could, of course, have a bad year. But the reality is that even without a deductible you’re still paying for your performance through annual rate increases.

  • Your insurance broker just wants to renew.

Most insurance brokers focus on renewing your insurance – because that’s what gets them paid. But this 12-month mindset doesn’t do anything to drive down your Cost of Risk and give you more control in the long-run.

Potential Solutions:

  • – Retrospective Rating Programs
  • – Large Deductible
  • – Cash Flow Program
  • – Risk Retention Groups
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Improve Your Operating & Financial Performance

Risk management, simply defined, is preventing most claims before they occur and for those that do, managing their ultimate payout. The wisest companies are learning that this is the secret to lowering their insurance costs over time. With in-house risk management professionals, claims managers, and safety professionals, we often achieve better results than our competitors.

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Know What Your Employees Need And Demonstrate That You Care.

As a leading plan broker and trusted agent, we are able to use our knowledge and relationships to aggressively market your benefits programs to secure the most complete coverage and the best overall value. We understand that Employee Benefits are essential for recruiting and retaining talent, but like everything else, this is subject to economic pressures. M.E. Wilson has decades of experience helping astute businesses balance the needs and wants of their employees with fiscal reality.

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Enhancing the profitability and success of your company through bonding solutions

Our team of specialists offer the expertise in providing you with the contract bonding capacity that your company needs to be more profitable and successful. We have surety representation with national companies that are active performers in the construction bond business. All companies are “A” rated and treasury listed.

M.E Wilson has been assisting contractors by:

  • Providing better service
  • Reducing bond rates
  • Bonding, designing, and building projects
  • Increasing single job limits
  • Providing bonds and insurance for joint ventures
  • Providing bonding for new companies and new ownership
  • Resolving initial bond needs.


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What is a Captive?

Captives are independently owned and operated insurance companies that provide insurance to, and are controlled by their owners. What are the advantages of captive insurance versus the traditional market?

-Coverage tailored to meet your needs
-Reduced Operating Costs
-Improved and more predictable cash flow
-Increased coverage and capacity
-Greater Control over the claims process

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Private Client Services2020-08-28T13:38:23-05:00

Protect Your Family And Assets.

Protect what you do, as well as what you own.  M.E Wilson is committed to providing exceptional service to our private clients by evaluating risks and providing the corresponding coverage to protect your assets.

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